What is EXIT Realty?

EXIT Realty helps brokers and agents create profitable businesses

EXIT Realty provides brokers and agents with proven frameworks and systems to build profitable real estate brokerages.

Is EXIT Realty right for you?

Many brokers and agents do not feel supported by their current environment to grow their business or brand and they need systems and frameworks that can grow with them. At EXIT Realty, we help agents and brokers take back control by providing the knowledge and frameworks they need to build top-performing teams, efficient operations, and long-term financial security.

Do you struggle to attract and retain agents?

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Many brokerages appear to have a revolving door when it comes to agents. At EXIT Realty, our brokers are provided proven systems, frameworks, and training at little to no cost which enables them to attract and retain productive agents.

Do you struggle with low profit margins?

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N.A.R. statistics show that the average U.S. independent brokerage nets 14% or less in profitability. EXIT Realty fosters an environment where brokers develop their business acumen and ultimately evolve into successful “Business Owners” resulting in higher-than-average net profit business margins.

You don't have the support you need...

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Many independent brokers are on their own (3rd party dependent) when it comes to backend support for their internal business systems. At EXIT Realty, our brokers have dedicated, internal EXIT Realty (not 3rd party) support staff to tackle any backend issues.

Not All Real Estate Models are Equal

“It all started back in April 1983…You can make more than 100% and not pay desk fees…”

Steve Morris
Chairman and Founder
EXIT Realty Corp. International

EXIT Realty Corp. International helps people live their WHY and real estate is our HOW. Disrupting the real estate industry since 1996 with our unique business model, we are a company founded and built on human potential focused on one thing; delivering exceptional consumer experiences. Every EXIT Associate and the clients we serve are backed by experience, dedication, and a proven commitment to people first.